Why do I want a horse?

Why do I want a horse?
The horse plays multiple roles for many people. Riding is more than just leisure, it's a good sport.
After learning to ride a horse for a period of time, because riding is a racecourse horse business, your progress has been limited. Sharing horses with others, there is no exclusive feeling, you will consider having a horse of their own.
Some people think that owning a horse is like a dream of a lifetime, not only squeezing into the "horse owner" circle, but also having the chance to participate in the competition. More often, your horse will become yours Intimate partner and friend.
You are free to arrange riding time, this is only one of the benefits. Many people who love horses prefer to spend time with horses, just as they treat their families.
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This is why I want a horse. If you have your own horse, then congratulations. Must love it!
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