Meet Aurora Sports in your best time!

Meet Aurora Sports in your best time! We have one simple goal: to make everybody live a wonderful life without worrying about safety!
Because we believe no one should be left in the danger! We believe in producing qualified helmets to everyone. As the helmet manufacturer of Sweet Protection, Scott, Limar, Sinner, Giant, Zerorh, etc., we care about every little detail from design, material, structure to fitting— and more importantly, how we can protect your lives with the helmet. We want to push our products to the limit so that we can give you the best helmets in the newest technology for the best price, so you have the courage to conquer the challenges.
We are one of the leaders in helmet industry with creative people who want to create the best for our clients.We are cyclists, skiers, skaters, riders, industrial workers, etc.-we are you! We know each of our helmet & use it everyday! It keeps us real. We want to produce the helmet that really works when you need it to! We are just a group of people who are serious with each helmet coming out! And we want you to be a part of it.