take you better understanding of equestrian helmets - Aurora

take you better understanding of equestrian helmets - Aurora
The initial use of the helmet is to prevent the head from being broken or chopped in the war. In the brutal battle, the head is always the first to bear the brunt. And later both the use of ceremonies and show show. Modern equestrian helmets are practical and can be used to maximize the damage that the rider may cause.
No matter which country, the helmet is always there. In European countries, helmets can distinguish between different armies. For example, the German army helmets during World War II can be scared, and the British ritual helmet reminiscent of the royal style.
Equestrian helmet origin mainly in the world factory - China, most of the equestrian helmets from Zhejiang and Guangdong. At present the equestrian helmet also appeared like a saddle as a different faction. One is the style of the European origin, emphasizing solemn and simple, dark color to the main, mostly black.
The other faction is a rich American western style helmet. The traditional American West cowboy is not wearing a helmet, they wear a wide-brimmed hat. Wide-brimmed hat may be suitable for the 19th century, but it is not suitable for the 21st century leisure ride for security requirements. So the combination of the western cowboy style elements of the helmet began to popular. Western style helmet selection stress with real leather, with natural color, in the whole leather helmet also made the Indian style of embroidery or embossing. This style of helmet is very suitable for casual riding style.
For helmets such as safety care, Europe and the United States have a separate safety certification requirements. In Europe, certified products can use the CE VG1 mark, In the United States, use the SEI mark.